Communicating vs. Discussing – Lesson Learned

I was visiting a customer last week and had an “ah-ha” moment thanks to a comment by someone there.
We were talking about communication and the need for regular communication with the entire division regarding the work they are doing towards an agile transformation.  Linda then said the following (or something close to it..), “communication and discussing are NOT the same thing.  We need to make sure we give the staff the time to discuss.”

It was such a simple statement but really hit me hard.  I have always felt I was a good communicator…..I try to send updates to my team every week and share as much information as I have to ensure we are all on the same page.  However, I haven’t always thought about the discussing side and how very important that is.
I can communicate all day long but if I don’t provide the situation and environment for everyone to discuss the information that was just communicated, then I am missing the boat.  I know that I always feel more comfortable with change when I have a chance to ask questions, get clarification, and discuss with others.
So, this is my new goal for the rest of the year…continue to communicate but also ensure there is ample opportunity for discussion.
Thanks Linda!