“I am an Agile Tester” article

I have been actively recruiting to find agile testers for over a year now at different companies I have worked for.  This has been a very hard position to fill.  As part of the recruiting process, I had to come up with a job description for an agile tester.  Not a trivial task J  So, I was very excited to see an article through StickyMinds.com called “I am an Agile Tester.  And this is Why” by Erik Boelen. 

All in all, I think Mr. Boelen covered a pretty good checklist for what makes an agile tester (especially from the soft-skill perspective).  His checklist was the following: 

1.    I love my customer

2.    I work in a very structured way

3.    I adore unconventional test tools

4.    I communicate from an open position

5.    I am a VIP in my project team, just like the others

6.    I don’t spend time ‘covering my ass’

7.    I know my boundaries

8.    I am a tester 

On his list, my favorite item was #6.  I have never really thought about that before but it is so true.  I have wasted hours of my life on traditional software projects playing the CYA game.  However, since I have moved to agile projects, I don’t waste time doing this any more.  It is so refreshing!  Instead, the entire team works together to get things done.  No one is blaming others, we aren’t ‘signing off’ on documents to prove anything, and we aren’t wasting time documenting things to protect ourselves. 

I do think that Mr. Boelen missed one crucial item on his checklist, though.  I would add the following:         

I love to automate tests. 

Agile testers should embrace, practice, and live test automation.  Without it, your projects will never become truly agile.


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