GreenHopper – great tool!

I haven’t played with a new tool in a long time that I have liked this much out of the gate.  I have been setting up and customizing Jira for an upcoming project.  I downloaded the trial version of GreenHopper last week after seeing it briefly at Agile 2007.  So far, I have been really impressed!  It is probably the best tool I have seen yet for handling a virtual card wall and virtual release planning.  I still think that nothing beats a real card wall for tracking your sprints. However, if you have distributed team members, then a physical card wall isn’t helpful for the whole team.

My favorite features so far include the chart board that automatically calculates your burndown real time (and has several lines you can choose to view), the click and drag feature for the task board (card wall) and the ability to add custom fields in Jira and have them available for calculations in GreenHopper.

I am also impressed with the customer service from these guys.  I have had several questions and they went as far as to set up a call with the developer that was able to walk me through my list.  He also took the time to point out other items that may be helpful to me as well.

 I am looking forward to finishing the set-up of this and using this “real time” on my project!


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