Mini-Waterfall Smells – How agile are you Really?

More and more companies are adopting agile development practices (or are trying to).  Instead of delivering software once a year, more companies are now able to deliver every quarter.  More projects are working from a product backlog instead of massive requirements documents.  An increased number of developers are practicing TDD.   However, achieving true agility on a project requires much more then delivering software 4 times a year. 

Just how agile are you really?  It seems that a lot of organizations that call themselves “agile” are really just doing mini-waterfall iterations instead.  Here are my top 10 smells that your team is in a mini-waterfall rut instead of true agile development. (these are not in any particular order)

  1. Your development team has a code freeze several days before the end of the sprint so you can get your testing cycle done. 
  2. Your QA team is testing the previous sprint while the developers are working on the current one. 
  3. None of your tests are automated.
  4. You can’t pull the next story off the backlog to work on because the requirements for it have not been through the sign-off process yet.
  5. Your product backlog is not ranked by priority.
  6. Your user stories do not have any business value assigned to them.
  7. You are only tracking development tasks in your iteration and on your burndown.
  8. Stories are considered “done” when development is done coding them.
  9. You have a full sprint dedicated to bug fixing every few iterations.
  10. Your QA team is a separate team that gets scheduled builds once or twice a week.

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